We are refreshing the structure plan for Macaulay, a precinct that incorporates parts of North Melbourne and Kensington, and want to hear from current and future residents and businesses in the area.

Our 2012 Arden-Macaulay Structure Plan (PDF 47.11 MB) established a vision for a mid-rise, mixed use neighbourhood with sustainable transport, new open spaces and community facilities.

We want to ensure that future growth and development in Macaulay delivers this vision and responds to changes in the planning context.

As a result, we released a discussion paper for community consultation that outlines our proposals for Macaulay.

We asked for feedback on:

  • urban design and planning
  • open space and community facilities
  • sustainable transport options.

Feedback gathered will help us prepare a refreshed structure plan, which will be released for further consultation in 2020.

Outcomes for Macaulay

Learn more about our discussion paper and what we heard during community consultation.

Renewing Arden and Macaulay

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