The conversation

The North Melbourne Heritage Review is part of our commitment to identifying and protecting the city's heritage.

From September to November 2019, we engaged local residents, and other interested stakeholders as part of our research for the review. We invited them to share their knowledge of North Melbourne by identifying places on a digital or printed map of the study area.

The purpose of the engagement was to:

  • Bring to our attention any places that need to be investigated for heritage protection in the Melbourne Planning Scheme.
  • Add to our knowledge and understanding of existing heritage places, and potentially add information to written documentation on them.
  • Build our understanding of the places the community values and why.
  • Increase our understanding of what makes North Melbourne distinctive.

Gathering insights

A range of engagement opportunities took place, including:

  • Face-to-face meeting with key members of the Hotham History Group, followed by a workshop for the wider membership and presentation by the review’s heritage consultants.
  • Pop-up stand at the annual North Melbourne Spring Fling Festival.
  • Drop-in mapping workshop in North Melbourne including two short presentations by the heritage consultants.
  • Plain English workshop with local public housing residents.
  • Online engagement with interactive story mapping tool.
  • iPad station in North Melbourne Library (linked to our project website).

Who we reached


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What we heard

North Melbourne has an identity that has been forged over the period of its development. Many of its residents have lived there for generations and have a strong sense of community.

What we heard from the community is that individual heritage places are important, but the wider environment in which they are located is also important and needs to be protected; specifically the streetscapes. This includes:

  • Victorian facades
  • verandahs
  • iron lacework
  • bluestone laneways
  • cobbled pathways
  • industrial areas
  • tree lined streets
  • wide roads with central medians.

There is also potential for recognising and marking heritage that is no longer visible in the landscape or is intangible, such as stock routes, stories of gold rush travellers, the underground Ievers Creek and buried tram tracks.

Examples of what we heard


All feedback gathered has been used to inform detailed research involving archival investigation and fieldwork.

It is anticipated that the North Melbourne Heritage Review will be completed by the end of June 2020, and a report will be submitted to Council in August. The recommendations of the report will be implemented through an amendment to the Planning Scheme, which will also be open for public consultation.

Follow the North Melbourne Heritage Review page to stay updated about this project.

North Melbourne Heritage Review