Learn more about the neighbourhood priorities we identified during Phase One of consultation on Participate Docklands. Have we missed anything?

Last year we asked how we might make the Docklands neighbourhood the best it could be. From the contributions received, these draft neighbourhood priorities were developed.

  • Aboriginal Melbourne

    For the Wurundjeri, Bunurong, Taungurung, Dja Dja Wurrung and Wadawurrung peoples of the Eastern Kulin, the place now known as Melbourne has always been an important meeting place and location for events of political, cultural, social and educational significance. We will ensure that the Traditional Owners’ culture, lore, knowledge, and heritage enrich the city’s growth and development.

More recognition of Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung and Bunurong Boon Wurrung people's ongoing cultural connection to Country.

What you told us

You told us that you would like greater visibility of Aboriginal culture and history and greater use of Woi Wurrung (Wurundjeri) and Boon Wurrung (Bunurong) language through place names, signage, museum displays, a garden, education programs, and displays and events that showcase local Aboriginal history. You would also like us to involve Aboriginal leaders in our decision making.

What we’re doing

As part of our Reconciliation Action Plan 2021-23 we are identifying and implementing opportunities for the dual naming of spaces to reflect Aboriginal cultural heritage for the Docklands area.

At this year’s narrm ngarrgu | Melbourne Knowledge Week we launched Mapping Aboriginal Melbourne a spatial mapping tool highlighting places and events of Aboriginal cultural significance within the city. An interactive map is located in Town Hall Commons and available in desktop and mobile versions. This educational resource has been developed with the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation and the Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation and supports Council in placemaking and signage. The Map identifies a number of Aboriginal Places of Significance in the Docklands area.

We are also partnering with the Victorian Government and other stakeholders to deliver specific components of Greenline along the north bank of the Birrarung Yarra River.

We host the YIRRAMBOI Festival every second year, providing opportunities for Aboriginal artists to present their continuous and diverse contemporary practices.

  • Access and affordability

    We will reduce economic and social inequality by ensuring universal access to housing, core services and information.

Make Docklands more accessible and easier to navigate with better information and improved public transport services.

What you told us

You told us that finding your way around Docklands can be confusing and difficult at times, especially for visitors. You told us that as a large area, Docklands would benefit from improved signage and information on how to best navigate the neighbourhood, particularly the areas near the water. You told us that visits to the area would be easier if there were more parking opportunities and increased public transport during the weekends and suggested a new transport option of a river ferry at public transport prices.

“A visitors’ centre for people coming off the Ferry. Docklands is a tourist space, yet it has no visitor centre or clear mapping.”

“Cheaper and more free parking along with increased Tram runs on the weekends.”

“A commuter ferry that goes as far as Swan St/Collin St tram bridge. The whole boulevard should have cafes and things along there, could be much more alive.”

What we’re doing

Docklands currently has 92 pedestrian wayfinding signs/maps provided by Council, which is the most signs in any suburb outside of the CBD neighbourhood, with many of them recently updated.

Docklands also has about 20 bicycle wayfinding signs and seven map-based waterways signs.

We will continue looking at ways to improve and address navigational gaps for both residents and visitors.

Although we do not manage the public transport system, we continue to advocate on behalf of residents and visitors to state government for increased public transport services to Docklands.

Greater opportunities for people, especially families and children, to connect through community spaces and activities.

What you told us

Engaging with the community is important to you, for your physical and mental wellbeing and to provide community connections. To encourage community-focused activities, you would like to see more venues and facilities offering programs for all ages and abilities and providing spaces for hire for community groups. You have expressed that you would like a permanent community garden not only for social connection but to provide a source of fresh healthy foods for residents.

“We need more spaces to hold community activities, sometimes the library is too far away for families to go to a program, especially straight after school."

“More spaces to meet up as a community would be amazing.”

“A permanent community garden that is here to stay.”

What we’re doing

We offer a wide range of services in Docklands including popular Library @ The Dock which runs numerous programs catering for all ages and genders. We also provide Health Services, Ron Barassi Oval, Melbourne City Marina, Yarra’s Edge Marina and several parks such as Point Park and Buluk Reserve.

We continue to work with Development Victoria to determine short, medium and long-term requirements for community infrastructure in Docklands.

  • Climate and biodiversity emergency

    We will prioritise our environment and take urgent action to reduce emissions and waste in order to protect public health, strengthen the economy and create a city that mitigates and adapts to climate change. The City of Melbourne declared a climate and biodiversity emergency in 2019.

More greening on streets, parks, and rooftops and more tree plantings.

What you told us

You would like to see more greening of the neighbourhood’s streets, laneways and buildings including rooftops. You also want more biodiversity and flora and fauna within Docklands focusing on deciduous trees and lush planting.

A lot more greenery - not bush land and grasses but actual deciduous trees and lush planting. A complete redevelopment giving it its own unique character.”

“Ron Barassi Senior Park is great, more rest and play space for other informal/leisure activities.”

“More trees! Native ones that don't die in the summer heat! The native bird diversity in Docklands is amazing right now, we should be fostering that biodiversity and making it grow!”

What we’re doing

The Urban Forest Fund supports a wide range of projects, including gardens, tree planting, biodiversity projects, green roofs and vertical greening, and intersects with the Green Our City Strategic Action Plan which aims to improve the quality and quantity of green roofs and vertical greening in Melbourne.

Our Nature in the City Strategy also outlines how we will protect and enhance ecosystem health and biodiversity in our city.

The City of Melbourne is also taking the first step to deliver the Greenline initiative to transform the north bank along the Yarra River - Birrarung, with the commencement of community consultation on the Draft Greenline Implementation Plan. The implementation plan sets out a bold and transformational vision for the revitalisation of the north bank of the river, including developing five precincts covering four kilometres between Birrarung Marr and the Bolte Bridge.

Improve waste management through more bins and recycling and disposal options for residents.

What you told us

You told us that waste management is a key issue in Docklands both within apartments and on the street. You would like more bins on the walkways around the water and better access to doggy bags. You would also like better systems and options for recycling and disposing of waste for people living in apartments.

“I’d like it to be cleaner, every weekend after the influx of visitors the walkways are left a mess and it takes days for it all to be cleaned up."

“More cleaning in certain parts of Docklands streets and paving.”

“A better way for residents to dispose of their rubbish.”

What we’re doing

Our Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy outlines ways we can help the city to become a zero-waste city. We provide a wide range of services including street bins, garbage compactors and residential and commercial bin collections and recycling.

We are leading the reduction of food waste and diversion of waste from landfill, through our food and organics (FOGO) collection service for single-unit and multi-unit dwellings up to five storeys. We will also be trialling textile bins and a food organics pilot in high-rise buildings.

City of Melbourne has also set up recycling points at all our libraries as well as providing e-waste collection services for residential buildings. To prevent e-wastes going into landfill, we offer e-waste drop-off locations.

We also support the idea of a circular economy and through leadership and community neighbourhood projects, including social enterprise grants, are reviewing a container deposit scheme, alternative waste technologies and developing circular economy guidelines.

  • Economy of the future

    We will focus on driving economic recovery and creating the conditions for a strong, adaptive, sustainable and thriving future city economy supported by a diverse mix of industries and jobs that provide dignity and opportunity.

Provide more diverse hospitality and retail options.

What you told us

You told us that increasing the capacity and diversity of the hospitality industry would be an important way of reinvigorating the area now and in the future. You would like initiatives that encourage more cafés, restaurants and bars to enhance food and night-life offerings in the Docklands neighbourhood.

You said that you would particularly like access to a greater variety of local and fresh foods. You are especially enthusiastic about the idea of having a fish market in the area.

“A larger rage of fresh food would be amazing. We live by the water; can we have a seafood market?”

“Something that draws people here, great restaurants, great bars, Central Pier back, fresh food like a classic French market.”

“Fantastic dining experiences. Right now, Docklands is over-sized empty restaurants, empty shop fronts and an area where the authorities have effectively forgotten about. Embracing artists and restaurants would change it for the better."

What we’re doing

Through our Business Precinct Program 2021-25 we provide annual financial support to help precinct trader associations improve the look and feel of their areas, deliver local activations and marketing and promotion campaigns.

We provide a range of support for businesses including: grants, mentoring, workshops, extended outdoor dining initiatives, regular newsletters, research and data sharing.

We continue to strengthen Melbourne's economic recovery, including through precinct and shopfront activation, delivery of an enhanced business concierge service and support for the night-time economy.

Our Community Food Relief Plan 2021-2025 commits to improving access to food and food relief services, and to investigating opportunities for pop-up markets in our local neighbourhoods.

Our Community Food Guide is a resource for community agencies and anyone in the community who needs information on how to access affordable, fresh and healthy food.

Reinvigoration of spaces around the water specifically Central Pier and activation of empty shopfronts.

What you told us

You told us that putting new life now into some of the spaces within Docklands is important. You especially highlighted the key role that Central Pier plays in attracting people to the neighbourhood and creating a sense of vitality within the community. You told us that there needs to be more usage of empty spaces especially in front of Central Pier and between the restaurants and the water.

“It needs to get more vibrant because of COVID-19 it has fallen in a hole a bit. We have no tourists, in the good times we had lots of tourists/more things like the drone show.”

“Fix the Harbour Esplanade waterfront. It really is an embarrassment to Melbourne. Look what Geelong has done or any other major city. Rotting stumps and dilapidated buildings, old tram lines and shelters, and a hotch potch of coloured concrete is an eye sore.”

“I think revitalising the pier and showing something is being done, it would help with the economy and liven up the area.”

What we’re doing

We’ve invited key stakeholders, including the Victorian Government, major landholders, major businesses/employers, representative groups, and the small business and resident community, to a Docklands Summit in September 2022 to collectively discuss what a positive and sustainable future for Docklands looks like. We will be looking at opportunities and priorities to regenerate Docklands.

The revitalisation of Docklands is a key priority for the City of Melbourne, and has been identified as a Major Initiative in the Council Plan 2021-25 and the Economic Development Strategy 2031.

We are supporting Melbourne’s creative industries through reuse and activation of precincts and vacant spaces throughout the city.

We are very committed to creating connected and inclusive communities especially at a neighbourhood level. We provide small grants for community organisations and individuals to support community connection, social inclusion, access and participation. We are keen to partner local communities to continue to explore these opportunities further.

Local events, unique attractions and art for residents, families, children and tourists.

What you told us

You value Docklands as a place with unique features and would like to see it reinvigorated with cutting edge events that cater to both residents and visitors. You’d like a wider variety of activities in the neighbourhood specifically events that utilise the water and its immediate surrounds. Some of you said you would like a focus on neighbourhood events to get people together. Visitors expressed that they would love to have the Melbourne Wheel back up and running.

“Drone show was awesome, boat shows, and wooden boat shows in the past have been fantastic. An event with local participation would be great, Dockfest!”

“A complete redevelopment giving it its own unique character. The ‘Miami’ of Melbourne.”

“It's really been impacted by COVID-19. I would like the council to put more effort into more attractions to entice people to visit. The other side is a bit like a ghost town. I would like them to concentrate more on the water aspect. Attractions they talk a lot but don't do anything.”

What we’re doing

Each year we deliver many events in Docklands with recent attractions including; NYE celebration zone, Firelight Festival, The Playground in 2021/2022, The Summer Nights Drones event 2022, elements of Christmas Festival, Melbourne Fashion Week and music pops via our busking program.

We also encourage community groups and organisations to develop and facilitate their own local events in the neighbourhood through our Community funding and grants program.

  • Melbourne’s unique identity and place

    We will celebrate and protect the places, people and cultures that make Melbourne a unique, vibrant and creative city with world-leading liveability.

Improve street and waterways maintenance and cleanliness.

What you told us

The cleanliness of the neighbourhood is important to you and you would like cleaner streets and footpaths throughout Docklands and near the water, especially after weekend events.

As the waterways are a key feature in Docklands, you would like them to be cleaner and better maintained. You believe this would help lift the image of the area, attract more visitors and encourage people to experience the water activities that are available.

“I would love the water to look cleaner, not just in colour but the rubbish that we consistently see floating in it.”

“Can we have more regular clean ups of the footpaths, especially after weekend events?”

What we’re doing:

We have installed Litter traps and Seabins to prevent rubbish entering Yarra River Birrarung, Moonee Ponds Creek and the Maribyrnong River. More information on how we are keeping our waterways clean can be found at Clean waterways

We continue to respond to the needs of the community and provide extra cleaning in areas when necessary and are open to feedback on specific problem areas within Docklands.

You can report a location for street cleaning, repair or maintenance online anytime, or call us on 9658 9658. 

Love our Street 3008 is a community volunteer-lead group that looks to improve cleanliness of the environment and regularly patrols Docklands to ensure rubbish and debris do not enter the water.

Address planning, development and construction impacts on liveability.

What you told us

You have concerns about the abundance of high-rise construction in the area and its impact on the liveability of residents. You want more regulation around what can and can't be built in Docklands and would like the opportunity to have a say in upcoming developments for Docklands.

“There weren't many buildings here and the river attracted us. Not being able to be built out attracted us so we have the views of the river, that's the main reason.”

“That's hard to say as every bit of vacant land is being built on. I have not heard what they are doing with Southern Cross Station or the shunting yard. I have heard there may be a building and apartments and a football field on it. All they seem to want to do is put high rise buildings on the vacant land.”

“I'd like to see all the undeveloped areas cleaned up. We don't need all high-rise buildings, need a mix of housing and more open areas.”

What we’re doing

We’ve developed a Development Activity Model to better inform you of future buildings and construction in your area. Following extensive review and consultation, our new Code of Practice for Building, Construction and Works came into effect in March 2022 and regulates the conduct of all works that affect public space and ensures the safety and amenity of the neighbourhoods.

We are advocating to the State Government for a stronger regulatory framework to manage construction noise and reduce the negative effects on the local community.

Celebrate Docklands as a unique waterways precinct with its maritime heritage and harbourside lifestyle.

What you told us:

You want Docklands to embrace and celebrate its uniqueness as a harbourside neighbourhood. You see the water and its immediate surrounds as a key feature of the area and want initiatives that promote and accentuate this distinctive characteristic. Transforming Docklands into a special destination that provides one-of-a-kind experiences is important to you.

“The water is a cherished feature of life in Docklands; people like seeing and being near it and want to see it accentuated.”

“More cafes, restaurants and pubs so that it also become a frequently visited place for after work events and parties from all of Melbourne.”

“To be fully developed. Big attractions moved here like the Aquarium. Cutting edge and stunning design of new buildings and attractions.”

What we’re doing

We are very committed to creating connected and inclusive communities especially at a neighbourhood level. We provide small grants for community organisations and individuals to support community connection, social inclusion, access and participation. We are keen to partner with local communities to continue to explore these opportunities further.

All year round we run engaging and positive campaigns showcasing all the reasons people should visit the different neighbourhoods across the city, including Docklands. We profile our world class arts and culture, bars, restaurants and retail offerings to highlight the unique aspects of Melbourne. Our Melbourne Magazine and What’s On publication regularly feature the people and attractions of our vibrant precincts.

  • Safety and wellbeing

    We will plan and design for the safety and wellbeing of those who live, visit, work and do business in Melbourne, regardless of their background.

Increase options and opportunities for recreation and connection through sport and wellbeing programs.

What you told us

You said that the neighbourhood would benefit from having more sport and recreation options. Specifically, you’d like Community Sports programs for all ages and for us to explore the potential to develop a recreation centre in Docklands.

You’ve made several suggestions, with the most desired request being a public pool. Other popular requests included tennis facilities, a gym, water park, skate park, basketball court, and indoor sports facilities for activities such as futsal or frisbee, and athletics.

“A skate park in Docklands would be amazing, it will engage the youth and also ensure that they are not getting in people's way.”

“A local swimming pool in the area would be great.”

“More social local sports competitions like table tennis or something that everyone can get involved in.”

What we’re doing

The Active Melbourne app is our free fitness service to support your health and fitness and includes on-demand and live virtual gym classes, tracking and personalised training programs. Our website also has other training resources including Workout Wednesday videos.

With a big focus on Active Melbourne, we support health and wellness through encouraging participation in healthy moderate physical activity. We are doing this through supporting recreation in our beautiful parks and gardens. We have also extended our network of dedicated bike lanes to encourage more people to cycle.

Need more police and security presence, better lighting and improved management of late night events including party boats and venues.

What you told us

You said you’d like to feel safer on the streets, including through addressing drug and alcohol use, mental health issues, aggressive behaviour and advocating for more police and security presence and better lighting. You told us that events running long into the night are an issue, particularly with patrons causing a public nuisance after leaving venues.

“Better regulation of behaviour on the streets outside pubs, especially in the 10pm to 1am time frame. Surely we should not need to phone the police every week about alcohol and drug fuelled anti-social behaviour.”

“More green space, less concrete. Less cigarettes butts in the park, less smokers. More police on the streets at night. Less crime, no drug dealers.”

“More control after hours, many drug areas and hooning around the streets; and many people leave garbage and rubbish.”

What we’re doing

We continue to work with Victoria Police and other agencies to deliver a range of initiatives that improve safety on the streets of Melbourne and within our communities, and are keen to hear your ideas on further addressing this.

Various noise related issues, including noise from commercial and business, entertainment and sporting venues, can be reported through our noise reporting tool.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) offers a 24-hour pollution hotline on 1300 372 842 where you can report noise from entertainment venues and events or any other music noise.

Increase and enhance public amenities throughout Docklands.

What you told us

We’ve heard that you’d like to see more amenities in Docklands to help reinvigorate the area and get more people out and about utilising the spaces. Your suggestions include; BBQS, public toilets, covered seating, tables, drinking fountains, shelter and shading, extra bins and doggy bag dispensers.

“More BBQ areas, especially for use during the summer periods. Can residents have priority over visitors?”

“There’s a lot of open spaces around Docklands, we could have green outdoor seating that can be used by the surrounding businesses like the parklets in the CBD.”

“More public toilets to access when walking around from New Quay to Victoria Harbour.”

What we’re doing:

We provide and maintain a range of street furniture and amenities to support people who live, work and play in the Docklands.

We are currently upgrading the Melbourne City Marina our largest visitor berthing facility in Melbourne.

In the 2022/23 financial year we are also planning five footpath renewal projects.

More programs, spaces and tools to enhance local community connection.

What you told us

We have heard that you desire greater community cohesion for a better Docklands in the future. You want to be part of strong, connected communities that are family friendly and that also support the vulnerable members of society.

“Growth in community events and programs. Living alone, it can be quite solitary.”

“More community events, funding for community services.”

“Focus on developing community events for the actual community that lives in Docklands so we can get to know each other, especially after COVID-19, don’t just run an event to bring people in from outside.”

What we’re doing

We support the delivery of a range of community events through our Events Partnership Program, Connected Communities grants and Connected Neighbourhood Small Grants.

Our Business Precincts Program also supports local business associations to run activations and we deliver and support numerous international students programs.

Develop better regulations and protocols around short term accommodation within Docklands.

What you told us

You told us that you would prefer less Airbnb short stay accommodation options in residential buildings and areas. If these accommodation offerings are to continue you would like to see a better system of managing and regulating the industry, ensuring both owners and occupants are adhering to the laws and rules set out by the apartment buildings.

“For the council to address the antisocial hooning and to limit the amount of Airbnb’s in the area as the short stayers can be a nuisance to local residents."

“Get rid of party boats, these operators have no regard for residents of the area. Patrons arrive, they consume alcohol prior to boarding the boats, once on-board the operators fill them with alcohol and the dump them on our doorstep affected by alcohol.”

“Would prefer less Airbnb/short stay/weekend party focus.”

What we’re doing

We provide funding to the Docklands Representative Group to advocate to Council on behalf of Docklands residents and to engage and activate community cohesion.

We have some resources on our apartment living page to support the strata community and are keen to hear your ideas on further addressing this.

Legislative changes have been made to help regulate short stay accommodation

You can also report various noise related issues, including noise from residents, commercial and business, entertainment and sporting venues, through our noise reporting tool.

The Victorian Government has established a Hooning Community Reference Group to understand intentional high-risk driving, or hooning, in Victoria. A series of four meetings will be held across Melbourne to hear from local voices and understand local context.

Initiatives and education around water safety for parents and children in Docklands who may not be familiar with living near water.

What you told us

You told us that you need education on safety issues around the water. With many of you walking your children to school, water safety classes have been a key topic of discussion in the area. A better understanding of where to go for help in case of an incident or accident on the water is also important to you and the community.

Our family doesn’t know how to swim and with little children we are always on edge when we are walking close to the water in case anything happens.”

“Safety programs around the water are needed here.”

“I would like my child to learn more about the water and how to behave around it.”

What we’re doing

City of Melbourne Maternal and Child Health Services continually educate and discuss water safety issues with parents and children when they attend consultations. Parenting Services offer information for parents on Water Safety. We also offer water safety training at our sport and recreation venues.