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The Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal Master Plan was developed following extensive community consultation.

We engaged with over 7,500 people, including traders, customers, residents and members of the broader community, whose feedback helped shape the direction of the program.

In 2018 we conducted a People’s Panel to deliberate on how to deliver trader and customer facilities at Queen Victoria Market.

To give traders, customers and the community a greater voice in the renewal and strategic operations of the market, we also appointed a new Committee of Trustees in 2018.

We will continue to have important conversations with the people who know, use and work at the market as we implement the renewal program.

Gathering insights

We undertook a three-phased stakeholder and community engagement approach to ensure effective and meaningful consultation.

Phase one

November 2013

During a four week period, over 930 people participated in a wide range of engagement activities, including a two day 'pop-up' event, vox pops (inception surveys) and online engagement.

Phase one engagement sought to:

  • introduce the concept of renewal
  • discover the elements of the market that people most value
  • identify the aspects of Queen Victoria Market that need to be improved and protected in the future.
Read the phase one community consultation report to find out what we heard:

Phase two

April to May 2014

During the second phase of engagement various activities were undertaken with a broad range of the public including customers, traders, local residents and stakeholders

Over a four week period approximately 2,290 people participated in the engagement. More than 700 people contributed to engagement activities, including:

  • an Engagement Hub at the market
  • vox pops (short intercept surveys)
  • key stakeholder group conversations
  • access and inclusion tours
  • call for submissions.

The engagement sought community feedback on five renewal draft concepts for Queen Victoria Market and requested comment on the following six themes:

  1. Heritage: What parts of the unique market experience should be retained?
  2. Open space: How could new open spaces be used?
  3. Car parking: What features could we include in our new car park?
  4. Access: What would make it easier for you to walk and cycle?
  5. Attractions: What other activities and events, such as the night market would you bring to the precinct?
  6. Retail, hospitality and services: What new services and products would you like to see in the market?

Seeking feedback on the five renewal draft concepts

Post-it notes with feedback on the five renewal draft concepts

Phase three

March 2015

This phase introduced and consulted on the draft Master Plan.

Feedback on the Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal Draft Master Plan was captured predominately via a survey. There were two surveys available, one for market traders and one for the public.

Over four weeks, more than 1,120 surveys were complete. These were collected online at Participate Melbourne, through intercept surveys at the market, and at the engagement hub.

Approximately 4,381 people participated in the engagement in total including:

  • Participate Melbourne website users who completed a survey, engaged with a document or clicked a link: 3,468
  • engagement hub visitors: 606
  • intercept surveys undertaken within the market: 60
  • stakeholder and trader discussion groups: 229
  • submitters: 18.

Targeted and informal activities were undertaken with a wide range of people with an interest in the project.

Engagement information hub

Engagement information hub
Read the phase three community consultation report to find out what we heard:

Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal Master Plan

A Master Plan was developed following the three phases of engagement. The final Master Plan was endorsed by Council in July 2015.

The plan outlines a wide variety of proposals to revitalise the market precinct, which includes:

  • a focus on improving the trader, customer and community experience
  • options for preserving and celebrating the market's long history
  • enhancing facilities for traders and market visitors
  • providing more open spaces and places for events, eating and meeting
  • easier access for pedestrians, cyclists and commuters
  • better parking.

People's Panel (2018)

The Queen Victoria Market People's Panel was established in 2018 to give traders, customers and the community a greater say on how best to deliver critical market infrastructure through the renewal program.

Forty people with a passion for the market came together over six workshops to develop the People’s Panel Report, which included 14 recommendations and a minority report.

The People’s Panel included

  • fifteen traders from various areas of the market
  • seven customers
  • seven local residents.

These 28 participants were drawn from 5,600 invitations to nominate, and selected through an independent stratification process. In addition to these 28 participants, 11 key stakeholder groups nominated a representative.

The Queen Victoria Market People’s Panel concluded its deliberations on market infrastructure and car parking on Monday 19 November 2018.

At the final workshop the panel developed 14 recommendations, each achieving a ‘super majority’ where 80 per cent of the panel could ‘live with it, like it or love it’. The report included a minority report prepared by one group of panellists.

These recommendations are detailed in the People’s Panel report which also outlines the engagement process, panel’s remit and guiding principles.

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Next steps

We are tracking our progress against the recommendations of the People’s Panel Report and will provide regular updates on our current actions and activities.

View the latest update.

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