Smoke-free individual survey

For the purposes of this survey the term Bourke Street Mall refers to the area of Bourke Street between Elizabeth Street and Russell Place (including Bourke Street Mall).

Refer to the map of the proposed smoke-free area on the Smoke-Free Areas page.

If you are a business owner, please respond to the smoke-free business survey.

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Have you been to Bourke Street Mall before? Required
How fair do you feel a smoking ban is for people using Bourke Street Mall? Required
What is your overall view about making Bourke Street Mall a smoke-free area? Required
How would Bourke Street Mall being smoke-free influence your choice to visit? Required
Prior to visiting this site were you aware of existing smoke-free areas in the City of Melbourne? Required
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Do you smoke? Required
If yes, how do you think wider smoking bans might impact your smoking?
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