Amendment C394 was gazetted in October 2022.

The Fishermans Bend In-Depth Heritage Review was undertaken by independent heritage consultants. Amendment C394 implements the heritage protection recommendations of the review on a permanent basis. It proposed that three individual places be protected within Heritage Overlays:

Architect(s): Unknown

Constructed: 1956

Shed 21 is a steel framed open shed that was constructed in 1956 for mechanised handling of steel. The shed represents an important phase of development at Melbourne’s docks, being post WWII expansion and mechanisation. Steel was seen as vital to the economic growth of Victoria and, for 27 years, Shed 21 played a major role in its importation.

Architect(s): Oakley & Parkes after 1954

Constructed: 1943-1967

The Former Kraft Factory is representative of a successful post war food manufacturing plant. It retains processing plants, cool rooms, boiler and chimney, administration facilities, staff amenities and other important infrastructure that is distinctive in form and can be appreciated from the public realm.

The factory continues to produce the iconic Australian brand Vegemite from this site, including in the 1952 yeast and Vegemite factory known as ‘Vegemite A’. The street to its south is ‘Vegemite Way’, and company signage proudly proclaims the site as ‘the home of Vegemite’.

Architect(s): State Electricity Commission (SEC)

Constructed: c1935, yard increased in the 1950s and 1960s

The 1935 construction of the SEC substation was a government initiative to facilitate development of an industrial precinct at Fishermans Bend.
The substation single-handedly supported the electrification of Fishermans Bend, providing electricity for major manufacturers moving to the area, including GMH (Stop 8), the Government Aircraft Factory (Stop 12), the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (Stop 13) and others that quickly followed.
The substation’s location, form and scale demonstrate its central role in distributing power to the Fishermans Bend industrial precinct. The Interwar Stripped Classical style of the substation is evident.

Two other sites were considered separately for protection on the Victorian Heritage Register, and include:

  • West Gate Bridge
  • Former Government Aircraft Factory at 224-260 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne

These properties are identified in the map below.

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Banner image: Laboratory testing at the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation, Fisherman's Bend, Victoria, 1965

SIEVERS, Wolfgang (1913-2007), photographer

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Amendment C394