The conversation

The Greenline Project is a major initiative of the City of Melbourne to revitalise the north bank of the Yarra River – Birrarung and create a reinvigorated and inspiring public waterfront. The Greenline Project includes five precincts extending over 4km between Birrarung Marr and the Bolte Bridge.

During August and September 2022, the City of Melbourne engaged with the public and stakeholders on the Draft Concept Plan for Birrarung Marr Precinct Site One. Community feedback has been obtained on both the Site One Draft Concept Plan, as well as the overall programming and precinct planning for The Greenline Project.

Gathering insights

Feedback was sought via Participate Melbourne from 1 August 2022 until 12 September 2022.

Pop-up events were held at or near Birrarung Marr, and four online and in-person stakeholder workshops were held.

Traditional Custodian engagement included regular meetings with the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation.

Who we reached


website visitors


online surveys completed


participants attended four workshops

What we heard

The most popular themes were:

  • Active transport: We received feedback about the experiences of people using the spaces along The Greenline Project and that we need to consider how the area will be shared between pedestrians, cyclists, and people on scooters. We also heard about aspirations to improve pedestrian connectivity and cycling amenity.
  • Tree cover and landscaping: Feedback indicated a desire for a design that supports a connection with nature, increasing canopy cover, and including grassed areas. We heard about the kinds of planting people would like to see on the site and ensuring that there is enough space for movement. In addition, the importance of including natural surfaces and shade trees was identified.

We also heard about:

  • Environment and ecology: There was a high level of support for an ecological and environmental focus along The Greenline Project. We heard that the project should support the health of the Yarra River - Birrarung and enhance environmental and ecological sustainability.
  • Safety and security: We heard that The Greenline Project should help to increase safety with environmental measures to deter anti-social behaviour. We also heard community aspirations for increased night-time economy activation.
  • Accessibility and inclusion: We received ideas on how to improve accessibility and amenities to support inclusion along The Greenline Project, including multiple points of access, clear wayfinding, with a design that supports multiple uses.
  • Aboriginal heritage and culture: We heard that The Greenline Project should celebrate and highlight the rich heritage of the site including Aboriginal culture, maritime history and local stories.
  • Implementation and maintenance: We heard about the importance of maintenance and cleanliness along The Greenline Project, both on the water and the land, including planted areas and playgrounds.
  • Playground and recreational areas: We received support for additional playgrounds and recreational areas along the Greenline Project, that everyone can enjoy. We heard that these areas should include spaces to gather, rest, and relax in, as well as those that can be used for activities such as skating and parkour. There were also suggestions for the design of playgrounds and recreational areas to focus on environmental sustainability principles

Concept design response: Birrarung Marr Precinct Site One

We asked how well the Draft Concept Design addresses environmental and ecological sustainability and received positive feedback on the design’s response to the waterway ecosystems and the potential to include additional greenery. We also heard positive reflections on the proposed use of climate resilience strategies and sustainable materials. There were some queries as to how waste would be managed, specifically in the waterway.

Read more about our Community Engagement findings in the report below.


The feedback we heard has been used to refine the concept designs for Birrarung Marr Precinct Site One. The views and values expressed through the engagement process will also continue to inform the overall Greenline Project, including preparation of the future Master Plan and Precinct Plans.

In response to feedback, City of Melbourne will address the following in the next phase of detailed design for the Birrarung Marr Precinct Site One:

  • Aboriginal culture and storytelling: The City of Melbourne will continue to work with the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation to elevate the presence and visibility of Aboriginal culture and storytelling in Birrarung Marr.
  • Accessibility and inclusion: The design will integrate innovative, best practice universal access design.
  • Active transport: The design will prioritise pedestrians and create a safe low-speed environment for active transport, including bicycles and scooters.
  • Community events and activities: The design will facilitate flexible use of space for community events and activities.
  • Environment and ecology: The design will integrate riparian planting and promote improved biodiversity and habitat.
  • Safety and security: The design will address safety and security through environmental design that supports passive surveillance, and the safe, effective, movement of people, both day to day and during events.
  • Tree cover and landscaping: The design will incorporate new and existing planting, including understory planting and the improvement of soil quality and growing conditions.
  • Playground and recreational areas: Informal play and recreational elements, which encourage a connection between visitors and nature, will be incorporated as appropriate.
  • Implementation and maintenance: Ongoing litter management and maintenance of open space and waterways will be integrated into the design.

The Billabong was originally included as an optional design element in the Draft Concept Plan for Birrarung Marr Precinct Site One. This has now been removed from the project scope but will be reconsidered in future planning of the broader Birrarung Marr area.

Next steps

The below concept design was endorsed by the Future Melbourne Committee on Tuesday 6 December 2022.

We will now progress the detailed design and program planning for Birrarung Marr Precinct Site One, working towards construction commencing in 2023.

Final concept design

Greenline plan

The Greenline Project