Hawke Street Linear Park proposal overview

The Hawke Street Linear Park proposal aims to better balance the local needs of cars, people, bike riders, animals and the environment. The Transport and Amenity Program in association with City Design and Transport Engineering teams worked collaboratively with the following key design principles in mind.

Key design principles

  • promoting Hawke Street as a local road by implementing traffic calming measures
  • improving safety and amenity for bike riders and pedestrians
  • strengthening climate resilience, by reducing the ‘urban heat island’ effect with additional tree canopy shade and permeable surfaces for rain water absorption
  • providing flexible green spaces that support a range of community uses
  • prioritising remaining on-street car parking for local residents and businesses

They have recommended reducing the roadway to one lane in each direction and replacing a section of paved road and underutilised parking spots with green space. This would connect the two existing parks in together, incorporating it in with the new linear parkland.

Key changes

  • introducing a new linear open space along the north side of the street between Railway Place and King Street landscaped with grass, garden beds and trees
  • repurposing of some under-utilised on-street car parks with new open space and increased tree canopy.
  • replacing some street trees with more robust species to meet City of Melbourne’s Urban Forest canopy cover and biodiversity targets
  • a 3.5m wide shared path for bike riders and pedestrians
  • retaining and improving the existing play space at the corner of Adderley Street and the parkland connecting to Curzon Street
  • one road lane for vehicles in each direction on the southern side of the street, instead of two lanes separated by a wide median strip

Location of Hawke St

A 2020 car parking survey found over 35% of publicly available parking spaces in the area were not used at peak periods. It is therefore anticipated that the repurposing of approximately 49 out of 157 existing car park spaces will not result in a noticeable loss of amenity.

It is predicted that 108 spaces would be retained and prioritised for local residents and businesses.

Park design map

Explore the proposed park design for Hawke Street Linear Park. Select each spot to understand more about different elements and future connections on the street.

Hawke Street Linear Park map


Proposed configuration of roadway and parking

Future protected bike lanes

Indicative canopy of new and existing trees

Existing parks and extended reserve

Proposed 3.5m shared user path (bidirectional)

Proposed linear parkland

Proposed area improvements

A before and after artist impression of the expanded park area between Spencer and Adderley Streets, and a section view from between Spencer and King Streets (not to scale).

Slide arrow to see before and after images.

Before: After:

Section AA: New expanded park area between Spencer and Adderley street (not to scale).

Before: After:

Section BB: New expanded park area between Spencer and King street (not to scale).

Hawke Street Linear Park