By expanding Bedford Street and Courtney Street Reserves in North Melbourne we will be able to create a larger, more beautiful and functional ‘pocket park’.

The draft concept plan reflects the three key priorities from the first stage of consultation.

These were:

  • Improving current recreational offerings in existing reserves.
  • Closing a section of Courtney Street at Peel Street to create more green open space.
  • Converting some road and car parking into more green space around Bedford Street Reserve.

The proposed design increases green space, improves local area cooling and stormwater retention, and slows local traffic. The draft concept plan proposes a balance of retaining valued quiet spaces while improving the function and activation of the small reserves. A new play space provides age appropriate play opportunities for children of all ages with a nearby bbq and picnic set. A community activity space with a table tennis table is proposed at the most eastern end of the pocket park area.

To create new public open space, we will need to remove some parking and reconfigure some existing parking. An overall reduction of approximately 28 car spaces is proposed. The pocket park project aims to maintain sufficient resident priority parking for local residents.

These details and more can be seen in our draft concept plan below.

Consultation closed 29 September 2022.

Road discontinuances

To create the Bedford Street Pocket Park, Council will need to discontinue sections of the current road reserve so they are no longer known as a road, enabling these sections of road to be used as parkland. To discontinue a road, Council must carry out a statutory process as directed by the Local Government Act 1989 of giving public notice and hearing any submissions before a decision can be made to discontinue a road.

Public notices regarding road discontinuance can be seen on the City of Melbourne website along with instructions on how to make a written submission.

Submissions closed 29 September 2022.

Draft concept plan

The proposed draft concept plan for Bedford Street Pocket Park is located in the Document Library below.

You can explore the look and feel of the draft concept plan through the interactive spotson the plan below.

Select each spot at different locations to view a perspective of the proposed draft concept plan and to understand some of the features in that location.

View the proposed concept plan changes compared to the existing conditions.

Before: After:

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