The conversation

We wanted to hear what you had to say when it came to developing the Transport Strategy 2030.

Two phases of engagement took place throughout 2018 and 2019.

Phase one consultation

In phase one of consultation, we released eight discussion papers for community feedback.

The discussion papers presented key challenges and offered potential solutions or ideas for improvement.

We gathered feedback from April to July 2018 through:

  • online surveys for each discussion paper
  • an ideas forum
  • direct submissions via mail and email.

Discussion Papers

Read the Discussion Paper and Background Paper for each theme below.

Gathering insights

What we heard

Insights from phase one consultation


The feedback submitted was analysed by EY Sweeney and used to shape the draft Transport Strategy.

Read the phase one consultation report

Phase two consultation

In phase two of consultation, we asked for feedback on the draft Transport Strategy.

We collected feedback from March to June 2019 through:

  • an online survey
  • information sessions
  • pop-up engagements
  • Melbourne Knowledge Week.

Gathering insights

What we heard

Top themes we heard feedback on included:

  • Public transport: improve support for all public transport modes.
  • Bicycles: deliver improved bike infrastructure faster.
  • Walking: strengthen walking amenity initiatives.
  • Motorcycles: clarify changes to motorbike parking.

Overall 61% of comments expressed support for the draft strategy, 28% of comments were neutral and 11% of comments expressed opposition.


Key changes made to the strategy, based on community feedback:


63% support, 10% neutral, 27% oppose

Ensuring accessible street design principles are integrated throughout document, as well as highlighted in a new initiative.


82% support, 15% neutral, 3% opposed

Lighting to improve safety for cycling and walking.

Integration of bikes and public transport.

Investigate using green wave to reduce delays.

Car parking

75% support, 22% neutral, 3% oppose

Detailing around flexible, safe and well-designed pick up and drop off zones for vehicles.

Matching kerb space uses with adjacent land uses.

Construction and disruption

57% support, 43% neutral

Added reference to price signals for construction occupations under 'Proactively manage kerb space to boost efficiency and productivity'.

Emerging technology

88% support, 12% neutral

Expressing support of shared autonomous model over private autonomous vehicle ownership.

Considering new service models as well as new technologies.

Emissions and air quality

81% support, 4% neutral, 15% oppose

Additional information provided regarding emission trends across the municipality.


44% support, 45% neutral, 11% oppose

Added reference to the importance of using enforcement to maintain bus and tram priority.


46% support, 46% neutral, 8% oppose

Consideration and links in policy to suburbs outside central city.

Additional consideration of lighting in public spaces and for active transport.


40% support, 40% neutral, 20% oppose

Including timeframes, indicative costings and in 10 year implementation plan.

Land use

43% support, 43% neutral, 14% oppose

Additional emphasis on the economic contribution of the Port of Melbourne.

Major infrastructure

42% support, 58% neutral

Public transport map to include proposed tram extension to Bolte Bridge on north side.


26% support, 17% neutral, 57% oppose

Improvements on clarity around what is proposed.

Footpath parking restrictions for targeted areas, not including all footpaths in municipality.

Pilots and trials

75% support, 25% neutral

No changes.

Public transport

58% support, 38% neutral, 4% oppose

Increased emphasis and prominence on policies to prioritise buses.

New initiative advocating for integration of bicycles and public transport.

Road and traffic management

66% support, 23% neutral, 11% oppose

Additional reference to traffic calming.

Consideration of scramble crossings at locations where pedestrian crowding and delays can be reduced.

Road safety

55% support, 10% neutral, 35% oppose

Updated definition of 'central city'.

Focus on ensuring consistent and safe speed limits across inner Melbourne.

Transport pricing

92% support, 3% neutral, 5% oppose

No changes.


79% support, 12% neutral, 9% oppose

Additional consideration of accessibility requirements.

Clearer policies on shared zones and spaces.

Support to fast-track implementation.

Read the phase two consultation report