The draft Disability Access Plan outlines how we will continue to work to reduce and eliminate barriers, both within the City of Melbourne and with external partners, to enable the full participation of people with a disability who live, work, visit and study in our city.

The plan will be lodged with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission as the City of Melbourne endorsed Disability Access Plan 2020–2024. Progress on embedded and new access initiatives will be reported annually.

The draft Disability Access Plan:

  • addresses barriers in our built, information and social environment
  • acknowledges embedded access initiatives implemented across City of Melbourne
  • highlights equity of access as an organisation-wide responsibility and reinforces co-design with community as the best practice model
  • includes new access initiatives to be undertaken over the next four years.

Watch: Making Melbourne more inclusive for kids and young people with a disability

Three main outcomes:

There are three main outcomes that the draft Disability Access Plan outlines:
Person walking across the street

Outcome 1

Our buildings, infrastructure, facilities, parks and public spaces demonstrate best practice in universal access

People playing basketball

Outcome 2

Our information, services, programs, events, festivals and civic engagements are accessible to people with disabilities.

Group of people meeting outside of the Town Hall

Outcome 3

Diversity is valued and supported through education, advocacy and promotional activities

Co-design process

We will demonstrate best practice in universal access through a co-design process of engagement with people with disability. This results in environments that can be accessed, understood and used by all people regardless of their age and ability.

The co-design method, based on engagement with people with disability, has been used as the first step in:

  • undertaking research
  • developing the plan framework
  • seeking insights from internal stakeholders and Council’s Disability Advisory Committee.

Draft Plan