Over the past six weeks, a citizens' jury has worked to review and refresh the Future Melbourne Community Plan, to be known as Future Melbourne 2026.

The citizens' jury was a group of 52 Melburnians tasked with deliberating on the ideas generated by our community earlier this year through the extensive community engagement process. The result will be a plan to guide the growth and direction of the city over the next 10 years.

The jury has now finalised a draft plan and presented its work to the Future Melbourne 2026 Ambassadors, six leaders from the community appointed to oversee the project. In its current form, the jury's plan proposes a vision, nine goals and 54 priorities.

Led by group chair Glyn Davis, the Ambassadors are reviewing the citizens' jury plan. They will present the final version of the Future Melbourne 2026 plan to Council on 2 August 2016.

The Ambassadors endorsed Future Melbourne 2026 plan will become publicly available on Thursday 28 July, on release of the agenda for the August Future Melbourne Committee meeting. This will be accompanied by a report outlining edits made by the Ambassadors to the citizens' jury plan. The full citizens' jury report will also be made available on the Future Melbourne website from Thursday 28 July.