As a creative city, Melbourne will celebrate its diversity. Melbourne will build communities in which difference is valued and respect and tolerance are paramount. Melbourne will find connections with one another through our differences as well as our similarities. Our diversity will drive innovation and prosperity.
Future Melbourne 2008


There were relatively few comments on this Priority, relative to other Priorities. Celebrating diversity was predominantly identified as celebrating cultural diversity, although gender and sexual diversity were also discussed.

There is an overlap with this Priority and Priority 1.2. Inclusive community which is focused on celebrating diversity more broadly than just in an arts context.

There was significant overlap with this Priority and Priorities 1.2. Inclusive Community and 3.5. An Events City.

Summary of ideas (total 18 statements)

General discussion (18 statements)

Many people interpreted celebrating diversity in the arts as representing the multicultural nature of Melbourne. Several people commented that arts exhibited or showcased in public spaces should represent all of Melbourne society, across ethnicity, race and nationalities. Two people identified the importance of increasing an accepting attitude toward different cultures, for instance through schooling and public education. This in turn would increase an appreciation for arts emerging from different cultures in Melbourne.

A couple of people stated the need to include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts, with one comment on the importance of consulting Aboriginal elders on what art is, appropriate to different contexts.

Two other people emphasised the need to commission and exhibit arts irrespective of an artist’s gender and/or sexual orientation. One comment stressed the need to celebrate diversity within various art forms, without giving precedence to one over others, such as visual arts having the same standing as performing arts.