Melbourne will have fast and direct connections to Australia's network of major cities and global cities in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world. Very high-speed business and tourist passenger transport will connect Melbourne to the eastern seaboards region (including Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra). This connectivity is essential for the future prosperity and global competitiveness of Melbourne, Victoria and Australia.
Future Melbourne 2008


There was very little comment on this Priority, with the most common topic being fast trains to Australian cities.

There was overlap between this Priority and Priority 6.1. Effective and Integrated Public Transport.

Summary of ideas (total 9 statement)

Regional transport (9 statements)

There was a small amount of discussion on regional and global transport connections. Some people wanted to see a fast train network, specifically to Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. There were two comments on air connections, one stated that Melbourne shouldn’t be an add on to Sydney and should be a global airline destination, and another was to have a far Eastern Airport to improve transport links.

This was one comment about sea travel.

international tourism via sea -- Update our cruise ship port as it is very underdeveloped. We also need a more direct link from Melbourne to airport.

Note that there was significant discussion on developing a train network between the city and airport, which has been discussed under Priority 6.1 Effective and integrated public transport (Public transport networks).