As a creative city, Melbourne will build creativity for success. We will attract people and investment, generating multiple benefits for our people, including social, economic and environmental prosperity.
Future Melbourne 2008


There were relatively few comments on this Priority, relative to other Priorities. Many people saw the need to increase funding, opportunities and exhibition spaces for this to occur.

There was a significant overlap between this Priority and Priority 2.1. Creative Risk Taking and Priority 2.2. Vibrant Creative Community.

Summary of ideas (total 10 statements)

General discussion (10 statements)

Several people making comments related to this priority recognised that the arts had substantial potential to contribute to the economic and social growth of Melbourne. However, almost all of these comments indicated that more funding needs to be invested within the arts sector. It was also suggested that spaces to exhibit work will help grow this sector, in turn enabling it to influence broad prosperity increases.

…Programs which support risk taking and ambitious presentation, creation, and long term cultivation of innovative, multi-cultural arts projects should be developed. This whole of sector goal would generate cultural capital feeding our economy, quality of life, international standing and identity as a modern Australian city…