As a world class university city, Melbourne values and promotes its universities and the vital role they play in prosperity, cultural development and social life. Melbourne will strive to facilitate collaboration at all levels, promoting cross-fertilisation of ideas and disciplines.
Future Melbourne 2008


This section contains discussion on specific interactions between Melbourne universities and the city. There was a small amount of information discussing this topic.

There was an overlap between this Priority and Priority 4.1. Generating Innovation from Knowledge.

Summary of ideas (total 17 statements)

University and city collaboration (17 statements)

Many people made statements wanting more collaboration between universities and various sectors in Melbourne. Some people wanted to see the knowledge sector better utilised so that practical solutions to problems of the future could be implemented. People stated that universities had the potential to apply knowledge to real world situations, for example through translating research into accessible information. This was one statement on the function of Melbourne’s universities.

The universities would actively collaborate with government as well as industries and citizens; Provide their students problem-oriented learning experiences with impact in student design and research projects, for credit and support the young entrepreneurs to further develop their ideas once they have graduated, for example, through the Carlton Connect Initiative.

There was support in the conversations for this idea from a few people, with one person cautioning against a ‘thinking’ rather than a ‘doing’ culture.

Capitalising on Melbourne’s reputation as a knowledge city was seen by one person as contributing to the city having an international standing.