In a prosperous city, entrepreneurs and businesses thrive and people share their wealth. A prosperous city has a global focus with state of the art infrastructure and services, a highly skilled workforce and affordable business accommodation. A prosperous city shares its knowledge and mentors emerging businesses. It promotes connections and collaborations and attracts global investment and visitors. A prosperous city is stimulating and safe with a vibrant calendar of national and international sporting and cultural events.
Future Melbourne 2008


A broad range of issues were covered when people discussed topics related to Melbourne as A prosperous city. Melbourne’s stimulating nature was the aspect most discussed, with benefits identified in being a 24-hour city, including meeting Melburnian’s needs and increased international reputation. However, there was concern shown for perceived alcohol and drug fuelled violence that can occur in the city.

There was significant comment identifying Melbourne as having the potential to lead across many sectors, from the environment to technology. Around a third of people who felt that Melbourne should be world leading stated that it could be best achieved through capitalising on Melbourne’s existing arts and culture reputation. Many others thought that Melbourne could or should be a leader in sustainability, with several identifying innovations in business and technology as the way to gain attention for Melbourne on the world stage.

While some people described Melbourne as a place to experience for what it intrinsically offers, such as architecture, arts, sport and fine food, others thought there was a need to enhance Melbourne’s tourism offering with any one of a number of suggestions for tourism related attractions. Events are seen as an important part of Melbourne life by a large number of people. People want to see more, increased variety and some modifications to existing events. Art and cultural events were most commonly discussed, along with the community aspect that events bring.

Fostering innovation and collaboration was seen by a large number of people as a priority if Melbourne is to be an attractive destination for new businesses. For many people this means thinking differently about current business practices, and not being constrained by traditional business models. Several ideas related to the creation of networks through which people could collaborate on innovative ideas. These networks were proposed to operate via digital platforms, in purpose-built spaces, or in public spaces.

Collaboration was identified as a way that Melbourne could support its existing businesses. Ways that this could occur included professional networking between businesses and sectors, and a more fluid approach to the use of inner city office and working spaces.