Melbourne will have innovative and efficient freight and logistics infrastructure, optimizing the flow of goods locally and globally. Melbourne's freight system will strengthen the municipality's economy. It will be environmentally sustainable, and freight traffic will be designed and managed to enhance the municipality's liveability.
Future Melbourne 2008


Compared with other Connected Priorities, there was a small amount of discussion on this Priority. The discussion was centred on freight efficiency and logistics and a number of suggestions were made on how this aspect of transport can be improved through the use of better systems and technology.

There was overlap between this Priority and Priority 6.6. Regional and Global Transport Connections.

Summary of ideas (total 16 statements)

Efficiency of freight logistics (11 statements)

Several comments were made on various aspects of freight logistics. A dedicated transport system for the industry was desired by a few people, for example proper metropolitan road links or an elevated roadway above existing train lines.

A more systemised method for dealing with trucks entering the city was suggested by a couple of people. This could be achieved through detours for trucks and heavy vehicles during peak hours or the creation of staging depots integrated with an app to time trucks going into the city. These ideas would reduce congestion, waiting times and limit duplication of trucks that may reduce the high volume of half-empty trucks. One person suggested completing all deliveries into the city before 7am.

There were a few different ideas provided for new freight logistic methods. Utilisation of delivery drones, based from rooftops, was suggested by a couple of people. A detailed proposal for a port-rail shuttle, to deal with the movement of primary freight that was considered ill-suited to the road, was also provided.

A Logistics Hub was also described in detail, to more efficiently handle all material from the port and airports, enabling growth in the traditional logistics and services industry.

Other freight comments (5 statements)

Other freight comments varied. A couple of people raised the issue of trucks getting stuck under bridges and needing either a height restriction or a ruling that high and long vehicles cannot enter the municipality of Melbourne, and will face fines for ignoring the rule.

Providing visitor parking for deliveries at new developments was suggested, as was removing the trucks from Southbank. One other comment raised the idea of congestion charging, to assist freight movement.