Start the year on the front foot and join futurist Dr Kristin Alford in a Supper Club workshop (with extraordinarily good food) where we consult the crystal ball and think ahead. What happens when we pick apart optimism and pessimism? How do we tackle the big issues? In search of those crucial points where change can be prompted, pull up a chair with people from different disciplines and come out with a plan, a friend and a full stomach.

The event will playfully engage with the ideas of optimism and pessimism in developing new understandings of how to create change on big issues and the long-term future of ourselves and our environment through game-play. Then we will address balance and transformation in rethinking futures and start to apply that thinking to current issues, such as the digital cities, citizens and government, urban growth and density, climate change and future economies. The event will start as a standing event while we play some games, then we will have some topics to discuss with new friends over dinner and then we will move into a more discussion type format. The whole event will be facilitated by futurist Dr Kristin Alford.


  • This is a free event
  • Bookings required
  • Time: Tuesday 9 February 2016
  • Location: Arts House - 521 Queensberry Street NORTH MELBOURNE