Aboriginal culture, knowledge and heritage will enrich the city’s growth and development. For the Wurundjeri, Boonerwrung, Taungurong, Djajawurrung and Wathaurung which make up the Kulin Nation, Melbourne has always been and will continue to be an important meeting place and location for events of social, educational, sporting and cultural significance.

Priority 9.1: Acknowledge our Aboriginal identity

Melbourne will proudly acknowledge its Aboriginal identity across all areas of the municipality and by 2026 there will be a treaty with the Kulin Nation.

Priority 9.2: Educated about our Aboriginal culture

Melbourne’s community will be well educated about the municipality’s Aboriginal culture, knowledge and heritage.

Priority 9.3: Prosper from our Aboriginal focus

Melbourne will be a city with economic opportunities created collaboratively with Aboriginal people. The promotion of international recognition for Aboriginal culture in Melbourne will bring economic benefits to the municipality.

Priority 9.4: Engage Aboriginal people in urban land management

Aboriginal experts will be and consulted involved on sustainable land management practices and implementing ‘caring for country’ principles in the management, planning and development of Melbourne’s land.