What better way to imagine the future than to prototype it! Join thought leaders, community and industry stakeholders to design prototypes of our emerging future economy in Melbourne. We’re looking for breakthrough ideas so everything is up for grabs including the future of food, making, energy, mobility and space in the city.

Prototyping is the second of two workshops facilitated by Darren Sharp (Social Surplus) and Jose Ramos (Action Foresight) that combine digital mapping, strategic foresight and prototyping to imagine changes to our economy over the coming decade.

This workshop will review a ‘Vision Map’ of the future economy created in the previous week but don’t worry if you can’t make it to both events. We’ll still need your creative powers for this second workshop to help us brainstorm solutions and surface as many ideas as possible related to bringing future economy visions to life.

You’ll work in small teams using human-centred design to collaboratively develop ideas and quickly create prototype solutions together. There’ll be lots of paper, coloured textas and creative supplies on hand so get ready to roll up your sleeves and have some fun! The ideas developed by the workshop will be post on the Future Melbourne 2026 website.

Attendance at both workshops is recommended but not essential.


  • Bookings required
  • Time: 9am – 12pm, Tuesday 15 March 2016
  • Location: Portico Room and Balcony, Melbourne Town Hall, 90-120 Swanston Street Melbourne


For more information, please contact Darren Sharp, Social Surplus at darren@socialsurplus.com.au