Melbourne will be regarded as an international destination by excelling in its chosen fields. Its entrepreneurs and businesses will thrive and all its people will enjoy its prosperity. The city will respond boldly to global challenges through thought leadership and innovation. Its leadership as a cultural destination will be a key to its national and international connections. State-of-the-art transport and telecommunications infrastructure will connect Melbourne to the world.

Priority 4.1: A safe and flexible city

Melbourne will be stimulating and safe at all hours of the day. It will be versatile for people and business to promote a better work-life balance for individuals and families, residents and visitors. This will be achieved through more efficient facility sharing, better transportation services, promoting inclusiveness, assisting businesses and celebrating this culture. There will be incentives to enable people and businesses to move away from a traditional 9-to-5 lifestyle and to promote flexibility and efficiency in all facets of life.

Priority 4.2: Attract and support new and existing business

Melbourne will be a place for the creation and growth of new business. Incentives and support will be provided to foster emerging business. The city will attract international investment and its enterprises will be competitive in global markets. As a prosperous city, Melbourne will support its businesses by ensuring they receive good information, connections and services. Risk-taking and inventive businesses will find the necessary infrastructure, people and environment to flourish.

Priority 4.3: An events city

Melbourne will host innovative local, national and global events. Sporting, cultural, knowledge and business events will attract investment, stimulate the economy and contribute to Melbourne's international reputation and brand.

Priority 4.4: A great place to visit

Melbourne will be a great place to visit. It will welcome all international and domestic leisure, business and student visitors. It will be dynamic, engaging and accessible. As a great place to visit, it will offer diverse experiences that are easy to find, enjoyable, encourage participation and help people connect.

Priority 4.5: A philanthropic society

Melbourne will champion philanthropy and the contribution of individuals and business to a strong, robust and equitable community. Citizens will embrace philanthropy through education about its value and celebration of its success.