In a knowledge city, the collective power of mind and experience drives the city’s prosperity, its ability to compete globally and the quality of life its people enjoy. It supports a well-resourced education and research system collaborating with business to produce a highly skilled and talented workforce, and a culture of innovation. It has a vibrant, collaborative and city-based lifelong-learning culture.

Priority 5.1: Lead in early learning

Melbourne will provide excellent childcare and early learning education for the community. It will plan for and respond to population growth.

Priority 5.2: Lead in primary and secondary education

High quality public primary and secondary education services and facilities will be readily available in the municipality and make Melbourne an attractive location for families with children of all ages.

Priority 5.3: Lead in adult education, research and innovation

Melbourne will value and promote its world-class universities and the vital role they play in its innovation-driven prosperity, cultural development and social life. The universities, other education and training institutions, businesses, governments and the broader community will collaborate to ensure that Melbourne remains a world-leading adult education city.

Priority 5.4: Support lifelong learning

Melbourne’s community will draw on the municipality’s diverse range of people and rich cultural assets, including learning institutions, museums and libraries to support lifelong learning. This will help people up-skill and reinvent themselves for the changing economy and foster the city’s public intellectual life. Aboriginal knowledge will be at the heart of the city, readily visible to educate and broaden minds of children, visitors and locals alike.