Amendment overview

Amendment background

The City of Melbourne prepared and exhibited Amendment C258 to the Melbourne Planning Scheme to modernise and update heritage practice in the City.

Amendment C258 proposes to:

  • Revise the local heritage planning policies Clauses 22.04 (Heritage Places within the Capital City Zone) and 22.05 (Heritage Places Outside the Capital City Zone) in the Melbourne Planning Scheme.
  • Introduce a new Heritage Precinct Statements of Significance incorporated document, which comprises the statements of significance currently included within clause 22.04 (Heritage Places within the Capital City Zone) and introduces new statements of significance for the six existing large heritage precincts outside the Capital City Zone of Carlton, East Melbourne and Jolimont, North Melbourne and West Melbourne, Parkville, South Yarra and Kensington.
  • Replace the ‘A to D’ letter grading system with the ‘Significant/Contributory/Non-Contributory’ category system.
  • Apply the Heritage Overlay, and incorporate statements of significance, to new places in West Melbourne assessed to be of heritage significance in the West Melbourne Heritage Review 2016.

The land affected by Amendment C258 is all land within the Melbourne municipal area affected by a Heritage Overlay and land in West Melbourne.

Council adopted Planning Scheme Amendment C258 Heritage Policies Review and West Melbourne Heritage Review at its meeting on Tuesday 25 February 2020.

The Future Melbourne Committee of Council considered the independent Planning Panel Report and revised Amendment documents at its meeting on Tuesday 18 February 2020.

Find out more about the amendment adoption in the FAQ below.

Amendment C258 has been approved by the Minister for Planning.

Notice of approval of Amendment C258 was published in the Government Gazette on 10 July 2020.

The amendment now forms part of the Melbourne Planning Scheme. The approved amendment is available at the Amendment C258 page of Planning Scheme Amendments Online.

Panel hearing

The Amendment C258 Panel Hearing has concluded. The Melbourne Planning Scheme Amendment C258 Panel Report was issued on 21 May 2019. Read the Panel Report.

Panel documents:

For Expert Witness Statements (evidence) circulated by submitters during the Panel Hearing, see:

For access to submissions and supporting documents circulated by submitters during the Panel Hearing, refer to the Download Directory for documents listed in the Panel's Document List.

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