The City of Melbourne has recently completed the South Yarra Heritage Review, the most thorough and comprehensive review of heritage in South Yarra in the municipality of Melbourne since 1985. The independent review was undertaken by GML Heritage Consultants and was largely focused on previously under-protected interwar and post war places. The Review included in-depth research into the history of the buildings, streets and parks of South Yarra.

The review is implemented through Amendments C426 (Permanent Controls) and C425 (Interim Controls). C426 includes:

  • Applying sixteen (16) new individual Heritage Overlays and Statements of Significance.
  • Heritage category changes for 351 places (NB: a heritage category identifies whether a place is non-contributory, contributory or significant to a precinct or individually significant).
  • Revised boundary and Statement of Significance for the existing South Yarra Precinct (HO6).
  • Deletion of thirty-four (34) existing individual Heritage Overlays to be included in the revised South Yarra Precinct (HO6).
  • Applying two new Heritage Precincts and Statements of Significance (Yarra Boathouses Precinct and Pasley Street and Park Place Precinct).
  • Applying one new serial Heritage Overlay and Statement of Significance (St Martins Youth Arts Centre Complex).

This complex review process ran from 2020 until 2022 and included the assessment of over 800 places. A Thematic Environmental History and Aboriginal Cultural Values Assessment were developed in consultation with Traditional Owners.

Exhibition for the review took place from Wednesday 15 March to Monday 24 April 2023.

Management's responses to submissions were considered by the Future Melbourne Committee (FMC) on 19 September 2023. The committee resolved to request an independent Planning Panel. To read the Future Melbourne Committee papers, visit the Future Melbourne Committee 19 September 2023.

A hearing with an independent Planning Panel is scheduled for the week of 6 November 2023, with a timetable to be finalised at the Directions Hearing on 2 October 2023.


Get involved

Attend an information session and make a submission on the Amendments that will implement the recommendations of the South Yarra Heritage Review.

Amendment C426 list of proposed changes

Click here to find out if your property is affected and what changes are proposed.

Panel hearing

The Amendment C426 Panel hearing will be held on Wednesday 8 November 2023 in the Hearing Room 1, Ground Floor, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne. There was also the option of joining via Microsoft Teams video conference.

Panel Directions and Timetable (PDF 739 KB)

Exhibition documents

Letter of Authorisation February 2023

Notice of Preparation of Amendment

Explanatory Report

Amendment C425

Interim controls in the South Yarra Heritage Review.

South Yarra Heritage Review